Two sides of the same coin....

Friday, January 25, 2013


At first glance, the notion that ETERNAL LIFE 'exists'. is 'possible', 'religious' and not to be taken seriously by the average person, let alone the 'scientific' world or community, seems foolish, superstitious and ridiculous for most contemporary 'minds' and 'peoples'.

To consider it as merely an 'entertaining' theory may serve certain fiction writers, who delve into, or compose, stories and novels, movies, and the like concerning 'science fiction', fantasies, and other popular 'romances' and stories and the like.  These appeal to many moderns as 'escapes from reality', voyages into 'dream worlds', and 'relaxations' and sometimes are converted into 'cinematic' 'blockbusters' and 'must-see' movies that now clog the DVD market with 'splendid', 'gut-wrenching','gory satisfying' and 'gratuitous nudity/violence/destruction' effects of a most 'Special nature'...all most gratifying to those who cannot cope with daily living tasks that now are operated by 'robots' and 'soft wares'.

Nevertheless, the THEORY OF ETERNAL RECURRENCE  is just an extension of  THE THEORY OF ETERNAL LIFE which involves a lot of special geometry and physics for a better understanding of things.

Although the works of RODNEY COLLINS have often been dismissed by many for a great number of reasons, those who knew and met him, apparently, thought highly of him, while those who only read about him or glanced at his works and did not study them except superficially. Some of the prejudice against Collins comes from his later years after the death of  P.D. OUSPENSKY and some of the gossip and rumours circulated about the latter days of this remarkable teacher of the Fourth Way.,that is, Mr. OUSPENSKY and also about Mr. Collins.

Monday, January 4, 2010


When you read any of my blogs you will find that some of them are interconnected, related in some ways, no matter how vague, and a way to record certain internal dialogues and similar activities and processes and to digest impressions and influences. In order to access certain dimensions it has often been necessary to alter perceptions and even to distort them in various ways, many of which are dangerous, harmful, and illegal as well as dubious for most people. One should not delude oneself or try to convince oneself that one is the exception to the rule and certainly not at the mere suggestion or urgings of others,whether well-intentioned or not. ALWAYS BE AWARE AND ALWAYS BEWARE! REFINED PERCEPTIONS are part of TIBETAN YOGA which is also known as TANTRA and related,however, tenuous, to Buddhism,both esoteric and exoteric. the ORDINARY SENSES can be transformed into another dimension(with the result): SEEING WITH THE EARS; SMELLING WITH THE FINGERTIPS; HEARING WITH THE EYES!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The THEORY OF ETERNAL RECURRENCE is based on the LAW OF REPETITION, which means, basically, that everything tends to repeat itself unless acted upon an outside force. This simple description,however, needs much more elaboration than can be given here at the moment. Any action or event will continue to exist in an infinite universe and this means that INFINITY has to existence and that everything has to exist in ETERNITY. However, because something might exist infinitely does not mean that such existence is ABSOLUTE. The ABSOLUTE is another matter, another topic. The notion of TIME is generally thought of as linear, going from PAST to PRESENT to FUTURE and our general notions of Time may well appear confused and erroneous. As an example of all the foregoing, the old adage of 'YOU CANNOT STEP INTO THE SAME STREAM TWICE' implies an everchanging world or state of affairs or existence. The origins of the Stream and Yourself, the STEPPER are seldom considered and a number of other aspects ignored(such as the temperature of the water you step in and the depth,etc.) or considered irrelevant. However, the river or stream, brook or rill, lake or pond, into which one might step does not vanish nor does the stepper and so you could repeat stepping into the stream as long as the stream and yourself exist. This is often ignored. But an eternal existence of yourself and the stream cannot be assumed by the ordinary mind. While the perception that you cannot step into the same stream twice persists, the fact is that all actions by both the stream and the stepper have changed the Phenomena, that is, the Observer alters the state,the scene, the process,etc. or the experiment. Whether this particular consideration or 'scientific' notion is of any help to 'observers' remains to be seen. To better understand that everything repeats itself, we need only hold up a mirror to ourselves and focus it in such a way that it relfects our image as shown in another or several mirrors and we will see an infinite number of self-images,endlessly repeated as long as we hold the mirrors properly. This 'amusement' if we 'reflect' upon it, should enable us to get a glimpse of many possibilities and serve to stimulate us into going further in our studies,all of which involve various 'DIMENSIONS' of SPACE & TIME' which seem obscure to us now in our present state of awareness.